1. What is Paint by Numbers?

Paint by number kit is a canvas on which light tinted numerals are marked with numbers that correspond to it’s selective paint can. The kit comes with a transparent box sectioned to store each numbered mini colored can.

2. How to buy a Paint by Numbers kit?

Simply select a product you like, insert your quantity and desired payment method and voila! your product will be delivered in a matter of no time. For further assistance please don't hesitate to contact us >> Here

3. Are Paint by Numbers Hard?

Dubious about paint by numbers? doubt no more; a fun & relaxing activity for anyone prior to paint experience equally the watercolorist. Helps exercise brain functionality well as wrist and finger grip improvement. Helps promote focal attributes and a creative outlook.

4. Are Paint by Numbers worth it?

If you’re looking at splurging bucks into a shop cart of clothing, would you call it therapeutic? You haven’t tried our kit yet. Paint by number kit promotes calmness through it’s disciplinary guidance. Using the right color in the right block. Following pattern and pathway. Observing patience, color variation and contrast.

If you were taught to color a monkey in brown. Now enable yourself to use an entire paint palette of pigment. Get your head outta the gutter and go nuts.

5. How to - Paint by Numbers

It’s simple. Fill in each corresponding numbered area on the canvas board with the numbered paint can. Tada!