How to Paint

Setting up

How to Paint

  • Arrange your work space in a quiet and peaceful space with proper lighting and maybe a nice view
  • A drop cloth or newspaper placed below the canvas suppose paint catches on the desk so you can relax into the headspace leaving out possible distractions

How to Paint

  • To also avoid paint patches on your top, wear something comfortable that feels like second skin. An old closet t-shirt you’ve saved for messy duty is just the way to go
  • Arrange your tools on a wide spread table or reachable distance. This will include Paint by Numbers kit, any additional paint brushes, Water cup, paint palette, cleansing cloth or paper towels to dry your brush on.
  • Lastly a glass or mug of your favorite beverage



How to Paint
  • Fill in each area with paint its number corresponds to
  • Start painting from the top and gradually work your way down. If you start from bottom, tendencies of getting your arms and sleeve touch paint is critical which would then result to a smudgy finish
Cleanly brushes
How to Paint
  • Each color in the kit is carefully picked to contribute to the full and final contrast of the portrait. By not properly rinsing the paint off your bristles to its base, another shade of color forms with the next color picked up. Always make sure to rinse your brush thoroughly and dried on paper towels after each color block is completed
Close the paint
How to Paint
  • Paint by Number kit comes with tiny transparent tubs of paint with snap on lids. As you may simultaneously work with two color tubs open at a time, the paint can dry out faster as the tubs are small in size.
  • Make sure to work with one tub open. Suppose the paint dries out add a little water and stir until original consistency.

Use two coats

  • As you paint use double coating to cover the number painted over.
  • Paint over areas where the numbers may still appear once the paint dries

Relax into your painting 

  • If you’re a busy bee spinning around the clock with endless duties, you may find yourself convinced to rush through Paint by Numbers. You’re not going to get the entire painting done in one go nor should you; relax into the process and there you have it! Patience and precision given to detail forming a showpiece along with the attributes of recharged energy into your mind soul and body!