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Excellent!! Enjoyable!!

Loved the colours and not too many tiny bits 😊

Red n Silver

Paint included is dried out on opening even though it was vacuum sealed. It is the first time I've had this happen, but it is quite hard to try to get them usable.


Finished and happy with the results.

Guess who's coming to dinner

Working on this one now. Enjoying the relation of painting,a great stress relief.

Kookaburras on a Branch
Raelene Knowles
Very happy

This was my first PBN and very happy with service and product

Rainbow rose
Michelle Peaker
The paint is no good

I received pain in tubes with this art work and even after going over the same area three times, there are millions of pinholes of the canvas peaking through, not just the odd one here or there.

I ordered The Father from this site, and while the packaging appears the same, the paint came in little tubs and is working as expected; unlike the paint received with this kit.

Abstract Father Star
Michelle Peaker
The canvas doesn’t match the image in the store

The website says that this is special ordered from America, but was sent from China. I have no real issue with this apart from the misinformation. The paint in this kit so far appears to be better than what I received in the rainbow rose kit from this same website. I am a significant portion through painting this one when I realised that in no way do the lines match up with the image in the store. I am devastated as the design will definitely not be as good. There is a Youtube of the actual paint by numbers, so I know it exists, but not through this website. I will carry on and try and see if I can make it similar. Fingers crossed

Kookaburras on a Branch
Merilyn Thomas
They were laughing the whole time I was painting!

These kookaburras were lots of fun to paint! Numbers were easy to follow and I was happy with the finished artwork.

Pink lilies
Great experience but paint quality not good

It’s a lot of fun and a great free time activity. The colours have a quite bad coverage to be honest so you need to paint over 2-3 time to not see the numbers and lines anymore - with one layer they shine through.

A Boat in The River
Anja Cornish
A boat in the river

It turned out better than expected, the blue colours were nice and bright. Very pretty picture

Rainbow rose
Michelle Peaker
The paint is a lie

I received pain in tubes with this art work and even after going over the same area three times, there are millionsnof pinholes of the canvas peaking through.

I ordered The Father from this site, and while the packaging appears the same, the paint came in little tubs and is working as expected; unlike the paint received with this kit.

Abstract Music Dream
Marion Smith Smith

It was fun to do, but colours could be brighter

Don't buy this one

I am a regular customer with this company and have loved nearly all the paintings I have done, however this one is a disappointment and I won't be able to finish it because it looks so bad. Firstly, the numbers are REALLY dark and the paints don't go anywhere near covering them, even after several coats. I tried covering the numbers with white paint first, however that didn't work and as the painting was going to be a gift, it wasn't good enough. Also, the paints come in little tubes, which I have never seen before. I don't really mind that but it is quite fiddly when choosing the appropriate color. Unfortunately, not a painting to recommend and I am now a little nervous about ordering more just in case I get another one like this.

Awesome gift

Received kit to do my personalized photo on time. Amazed at the likeness/quality when finished. Will definitely be doing another one and highly recommend.

Abstract Dancing Couple
Michelle Macdonald

I believe that your company is great to deal with ,
Michelle macdonald

Custom Paint By Numbers
Deeanne Walker
My boy Spike

Absolutely loved painting my boy Spike!!
To watch the painting come to life was great!! Once i started i couldnt wait to finish him.... sorry the picture as clear as he is in person!!

Custom made

Absolutely love my custom kits. I miss seeing my grandchildren, fortunately I do get sent pictures. I couldn't not get these kits made. I send progress pictures to my son and he loves them as much as I do. I got 2 kits made up, buy one get the second half price. My neighbour was so impressed that I've passed on your info so he can do some of his nephew.

Custom Paint By Numbers
Jeanette Strohfeld
Custom design

Omg!! Where do I start.... none of these orders have been painted as yet as they are put away for Christmas and birthday gifts. Yet, I am extremely happy with the end results of my custom orders, and a birthday recipient is absolutely amazed, shocked and teary eyed with her design, which she hopes to be able to do the painting justice.
I am currently looking for pics to order some more custom designs.... I'm excited to place some more orders.

Entertaining and the results were stunning

This was my second order from this website and I have to compliment this company on the quality of these paint by numbers. They are so detailed, the materials (canvas, paint, brushes) are of exceptional quality and the painting is always a good challenge. I will say this painting took me a long time to paint because it was just so detailed but I loved the outcome. 5 stars.

Missing paint brushes

Hello my lovely order came as a gift but unfortunately no paint brushes were included with the order, which was a shame as it was a gift. Can you remedy this please? Also not sure if anything else is missing too

Lots of tiny detailed painting

I usually love these paintings from this website, however this particular painting I didn't enjoy. There are alot of very tiny areas requiring a different coloured paint. It was very hard work, rather than a relaxing time. If you have good eyesight and don't mind spending hours painting very tiny areas, than you will enjoy this painting. It did look nice finished.


This was a lovely, easy painting I finished in a few hours ..just in time for using as part of a display at my work for Reconcilliation Day . The painting came together so well and looked even better than the guide!

Pretty flowers
Ronda Kuiper
Pretty Flowers

Have not finished my painting yet but love what I have done. The company are fabulous to deal with. The slightest problem and they deal with it immediately.
Will be buying from them again.

Customised photo

The paints and brushes were good quality, the photo scan amazing, BUT why did I pay for framing aka framed item, and received it in a tube with tacs and wooden stakes separately. Not happy at other Paint by number sights you pay for framing and receive the canvas framed. Will not buy from here again. Thanks again I enjoyed painting this customised picture for a friend as a wedding gift. Regards.

Colorful Elephant Art
Vicky Woodham

i absolutely love doing them, I do use all my own paints though i was asked to send in some photos of my work